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Outbound Voice Support

Even in the age of internet marketing, outbound dialing is an important part of a company’s marketing and customer service strategy. When done right, it can build valuable and long-term customer relationships. Trupp Global’s outbound support services allow clients to keep in touch proactively with customers and convert customer relationships into tangible business value. We can offer outbound as a standalone service or in conjunction with one or more of our other Call center services: inbound voice support and technical support.

A Look at Our Outbound Support Services

  • Surveys: Supplement your in-house market research with customer surveys to learn about current sentiment, expectations and challenges.
  • Telemarketing: Promote products and present sales pitches to drive sales and update customers about the latest products, services and plans.
  • Lead generation: Generate business leads and grow your customer list in a structured, consistent and continuous manner.
  • Collections: Outsource debt collection and pending payments to enjoy peace of mind knowing that dedicated representatives are handling these sensitive communications proactively.
  • Follow-ups: Don’t ever forget to follow-up or delay an important moment in the prospect’s journey.
  • Appointment Booking: Lead potential customers’ through the sales lifecycle by initiating contact and setting up meetings.

What Outbound Voice Support Solutions Achieve for Businesses

  • Conversions: Outbound calls from customer service representatives can catch potential customers early on and lead them along the sales journey in an informed and seamless manner.
  • Acquisition: Calls remain an intimate customer communication channel. Follow up on email marketing with a phone call to build prospects’ interest and upsell or cross sell to customers.
  • Retention: Customer relationships are maintained through proactive communications about your new product, loyalty schemes, special offers, frequent flier programs and more.
  • Research: Outbound support services allow more information to be exchanged effectively for both sides, enabling you to understand your customers at a deeper level.
  • Renewals: A phone call from a professional team is the best way to check in with customers at the time of subscription renewal or service expansion.

While all these benefits can also be realized by leveraging the email channel, human-to-human conversations have been seen to resonate more strongly with customers. Trupp Global’s best practices of voice support ensure that your customers don’t have to endure unnecessarily long calls and benefit from every telephonic interaction.

Why us?

  • Highly trained: Our team is up to date with industry best practices of outbound voice support
  • Localized approach: Our executives are trained to adapt their tone, language and attitude to your culture
  • Affordable: Our cost-effective pricing packages make great financial sense for any business
  • Results-oriented: We are highly focused on achieving results and exceeding your expectations